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Important notice on cargo

If the cargo is rejected by Authorities:

Hub Shipping acting as agent on behalf and in the name of Reel Shipping LLC notifies about carrier’s policy regarding the cases of cargo being rejected by local Authorities at the Port of Destination:
Please note that in the event of an official rejection of cargo by the regulatory authorities of Russia on the import of goods into the country, the Line has the right, at its discretion:
  • re-export the cargo to the country of departure at the expense of the cargo owner
  • in the absence of instructions from the cargo owner, re-export the cargo to any port along the route of the Line at the expense of the cargo owner
  • cargo destruction, the expense of the cargo owner
In this case, the cargo owner is obliged to pay to the Line:
  1. the entire route of cargo transportation
  2. the entire period of use of container equipment
  3. charges at the port of loading, transit port, port of delivery, port of re-export destination
  4. customs clearance costs
  5. the cost of cargo destruction
  6. the cost of cleaning container equipment.
The owner of the cargo understands and agrees that:
  1. The line does not have the ability to influence the decision of state regulatory authorities
  2. The actions of the Line for the re-export of cargo are aimed at reducing the costs of the owner of the cargo, are conscientious and reasonable.
The owner of the cargo is obliged to pay the costs of the Line on the basis of the invoice within three days from the date of receipt of the invoice. The basis for the demand for payment is the prohibition stamp/mark of the regulatory authorities on the bill of lading.
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