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Middle East – St. Petersburg service

Middle East – St. Petersburg service shipping route is a major trade and transportation corridor connecting The Persian Gulf countries to Russia. The route connects major ports in The Persian Gulf ports, such as Doha, Dammam and Damietta to the port of Saint Petersburg via Jebel Ali. Transit times vary by origin but Hub Shipping ensures that a reliable service is delivered to its customers. Saint Petersburg’s strategic location makes it an important gateway into western and northern Russia and a popular option for shippers.
Hub Shipping - China and S Korea - St Petersburg service

Port rotation and transit times

Ocean liner services-Middle East – St. Petersburg service

Port rotation


Jebel Ali – Damietta - St. Petersburg
Note: Doha, Dammam are served via Jebel Ali


St. Petersburg - Damietta – Jebel Ali

Transit times westbound

DamiettaSt. Petersburg
Jebel Ali1234
Dar es Salaam2860

Transit times eastbound

St. Petersburg14
Port rotation and transit times are subject to change. Please contact us for the latest information
ocean liner services- Additional Support

Additional support services for this route

Dangerous goods restrictions

Dangerous goods include cargo that can impact health, safety, property, or the environment. To mitigate the potential risks associated with these goods, we follow the regulations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and ensure the highest safety precautions are applied. We request our customers to handle and declare Dangerous Goods documents correctly and provide all details within days before loading your goods on our vessels. We have a  team that can assist you in issuing the required documents and certificates or we can arrange everything for you.
Ocean liner services- Dangerous goods restrictions

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